The 2024 Campaign’s Best Places to Work registration is closed!


There are a few requirements companies must meet to be eligible for our programme. You are eligible to participate if you:

  • Have at least 15 full- or part-time permanent employees working in the United Kingdom
  • Have a physical operation in the United Kingdom
  • Are publicly or privately held organisation
  • Are a for-profit, not-for-profit, or a government organisation
  • Have been in business for at least one year, at the programme registration deadline
  • Are an ad agency, ad-tech firm, design agency, media company, or the marketing division of a brand
  • Two eligibility notes:

  • Single locations of eligible organsations may enter as long as the location name is included in the registered name, and all of the above must apply for that location (e.g. SAMPLE Agency – London). Should your organsation make the list, your name will include the specific office.

  • In order to enter as a marketing division of a brand, your organisation must have a minimum of 15 employees working in the division (only those employees will be surveyed) and the division name must be included with the organisation name (i.e. SAMPLE Corporation – Marketing and PR Division)




There are three different ways companies can participate.

FIRST – You can be an individual organisation with a Registered Company Number.

SECOND – You can be the parent or holding company of more than one organisation, with one Registered Company Number for all subsidiaries. The parent or holding company must register with all employees employed by it.

THIRD – You can be a subsidiary of a parent or holding company but register separately if each subsidiary has a different Registered Company Number. If you have more than one facility, branch, factory, office, or store, you must include all locations that operate under your Registered Company Number in the survey.


When you participate, all of your current full- and part-time permanent employees working in the UK should be included. This means everyone…from the line-level employees all the way up to the executives and from the on-site workers to remote employees. If they physically work in the UK or report to a supervisor in the UK, include them.

If you are entering as a marketing division of a brand, please only include employees working for that division or department.